Since our establishment in


CAMBO has remained dedicated solely to the
manufacturing of LAN cables. CAMBO’s focused strategy has propelled us to the forefront of LAN cable manufacturing. The strategy not only separates CAMBO
from the rest but also solidifies our status as the most competitive player in the LAN Cable industry.

CAMBO made decision years ago to quit in producing fiber cable/coaxial cable to become more focused for WHAT WE ARE GOOD AT.For many manufactures of LAN cable, they can’t compete with CAMBO as well.The Extremely-Focusing Strategy helped CAMBO inexpanding its comparative advantage in this business.

Competitors diversify for their products

Unlike competitors who diversify their offerings to
include fibers, coaxial cables, and various accessories,
seeking to cover a broad spectrum of products
simultaneously. This diversification approach—trying to
sell a full range of products—inevitably weakens their
core competency in LAN Cable manufacturing

CAMBO upholds a unique philosophy:
"Focused on One-Thing of LAN Cable And Be No.1."

This philosophy embodies our identity as a
Vertically-Focused LAN cable manufacturer,
positioning CAMBO as the Most Competitive
LAN Cable Manufacturer in this industrial.

Traditional Vertically-Focused.

Traditional Manufacturers often spread themselves too
thin. This unfocused expansion leads to a loss of true competitiveness. In an era where specialization is king,
these manufacturers find themselves falling behind the Vertically-Focused Manufacturers who have
concentrated all their efforts on One-Thing and make
them perfectly good and competitive. By concentrating
all its efforts on LAN cable manufacturing, CAMBO has
risen as the beacon of vertically focused success. Its
commitment to being a LAN cable specialist has
solidified its position as an industry leader. The
vertically focused strategy has not only secured
CAMBO’s competitiveness but also positioned CAMBO
as your most powerful business allies.

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