CAT6 U/UTP 23AWG 4 Pair Lan Cable

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Vertically-Focused Strategy

CAMBO upholds a unique philosophy: “Focused on One-Thing of LAN Cable and Be No.1.” This philosophy embodies our identity as a Vertically-Focused LAN cable manufacturer, positioning CAMBO as the Most Competitive LAN Cable Manufacturer in this industrial.The vertically focused strategy has not only secured CAMBO’s competitiveness but also positioned CAMBO as your most powerful business allies.

Unmatched Capacity Advantage

We proudly own self-built industrial facilities spanning over 40,000 square meters. This expansive infrastructure represents the largest production capacity in South China, a remarkable achievement that sets us apart. Notably, our capacity is an impressive 4 times larger than that of the second-ranked competitor. This significant advantage instills us with unwavering confidence as we navigate the competitive landscape.

Massive-Scale Production

Our extensive production capacity has enabled us to embrace the concept of massive scale production. By maximizing our operational capabilities, we have achieved unparalleled production efficiency and substantial reductions in manufacturing costs.

Integrated Production

Quality remains at the core of our operations. To ensure stability and superiority, we have integrated the production of raw materials within our facilities. Our self-built copper and aluminum factories stand as a testament to our dedication to high-quality conductor materials. Additionally, the integration of PVC and PE production for sheathing materials furthers our commitment to product excellence. This integrated productions maximizes quality control and enhances our competitive cost advantage.

Cost Advantage

The CAMBO Group has made substantial investments in acquiring land and constructing our own factories, enabling us to eliminate rental expenses. To further enhance cost-effectiveness, we’ve heavily invested in solar power systems that provide us with free and renewable electricity. Our massive-scale production significantly improves production efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs.The integration of raw material production further minimizes material costs, ensuring that our products maintain an unmatched cost advantage.

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Vertically-focused LAN Cable Manufacture

Owning The Largest Manufacturing Capacity In South China
Manufacturing 100 Containers Premium LAN
Cable Monthly For Global Partners

Cambo CCA: Superior Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) Products

Cambo CCA: Superior Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) Products

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